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re: Joe Lieberman's speech on the war in Iraq yesterday

The Democratic Party Nominee for Vice President in 2000 gave a stirring speech yesterday about the war in Iraq. Why am I not surprised that you fail to notice?

In your constant drumbeat to attack the President for partisan advantage, you completely miss the importance of why we must not only stay in Iraq, but why politics over the matter should end at the water's edge.

Witness what your nominee said yesterday on the floor of the Senate:

I do not want to go off on that issue. I want to say that the debate about the war has become much too partisan in our time.

The danger is that by spending so much attention on the past here, we contribute to a drop in public support among the American people for the war, and that is consequential. Terrorists know they cannot defeat us in Iraq, but they also know they can defeat us in America by breaking the will and steadfast support of the American people for this cause.

And then he quotes the bible as a warning: “If the sound of the trumpet be uncertain, who will follow into battle?”

And in this fight against Islamofacism, this is a battle we must win.

Joe Gets it, why can't the rest of you?

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