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re: Who are you kidding, really?

Dear Senator, I noted that you swung by the Fox News 10th Anniversary bash last night. Could it be because you thought "bash" meant a bunch of lefties were going to childishly chant "Faux News" all night?

I mean, really, Hillary. Can I call you Hillary? Do you really think that the right of this country, or even a substantial amount of the middle is going to buy this right shift makeover of yours?

You advocate the wholesale government takeover of 1/7th of this nation's economy. Your husband enacted the largest tax increase in our nation's history and brought about a recession as a result. You even coined the phrase "vast right wing conspiracy," when all we did was tell the truth - a truth you either turned a blind eye to or simply accepted as long as it didn't get public, which it did.
And of course, there are pictures of you doing your bit to impeach President Nixon:

(hat tip:

Just about every special interest ranking sees right through it to the liberal populist you are. So, honestly, if you think for one minute that the right is going to buy this "come to Jesus conversion" as anything more than pandering for votes in `08, then you're obviously not the smartest woman in America.

Update: this explains alot. If you can pool the wool over his eyes, maybe you are the smartest woman in America.



re: Gas prices kill

It's really quite simple. If you want to keep hold of the House and Senate, you'll reverse this trend:

Otherwise, you'll lose Congress and it'll be hostile as well. No way to run a war in the last two years of a presidency, much less looking towards 08.

Reverse the trend, and you keep the house. It's that simple.

4-26-06 update: This PDF shows a breakdown of gas taxes. In California, for instance, we're laying out a whopping SIXTY CENTS a gallon in total taxes. For you math geeks out there, that's NINETEEN PERCENT tax per gallon on something we all need.

Makes one wonder just how much you guys care about how rising gas prices affect the average voter. A voter who will be plenty p.o.'d come November.

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