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Dear Bud. This is one of those defining moments for a sport, for a person, for a nation. Deciding what you want to be is tough. Coming clean and doing the right thing is even tougher.

So, when Marion Jones came clean about her Steriod use, she had to know that the International Olympic Committee would act swiftly to strip her of her medals and records.

And they did. With impugnity. They had to. The integrity of the sport was on the line (too bad they won't do it for all those East German gold medal winners from the 70s). the point is, cleaning house from steroid abuse is the only way to stem the tide. You have to put the fear of God into Athletes who choose a seductive, dishonest, and dangerous route to the glory that is sport.

And unless you do the same thing, clean house of every play on this list, take away their records, and ban them from the sport, it will continue to do more damage to Baseball than ANYTHING Pete Rose did.

Baseball has already proven that self policing doesn't stop it. But the fear of losing everything? Now that's a motivator.

Just ask Marion Jones.


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