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re: Pulling out

Dear Steve. First off. Love the flicks. Nobody makes a better popcorn movie than you. Wish you'd make more of them. The serious Spielberg is great for those Schindler epics, but to turn your back on breakneck action adventure? Come on! Please consider doing more after Indy IV.

Now, onto the point of this memo. Heard you were pulling out of providing artistic advice to China for the Bejing Olympics. Good for you. But my question is, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?

I mean, not that Mia Farrow's argument that China supports Sudan isn't a compelling one, I'm sure it is. But with China invading Tibet, forcing families with one child to abort into the 9th month of a second pregnancy, Tienamen Square, Falong Gong, forcing Yahoo to censor the Internet, and now making Olympic Athletes sign Gag orders? And let's not forget that current Spy thing.

I'm sure Mia is quite a convincing soul, Steve, but this is something you seriously should've done a long time ago.

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