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re: A Battlestar too far ...

Dear RDM. You know I love the show. Even though I know that there is definitely left wing politics at play from time to time, you have always handled things with balance - or shown reasons for making the story decisions you have. And I respect that.

Now here comes the "But." As a conservative, I want to say that I enjoyed this week's episode very much (Dirty Hands), but I have to take issue with the propaganda statement you make in the beginning of you podcast about conservatives painting unions as evil and that this episode combats that notion.

First off, conservatives have no problem with the essential reason unions exist - to protect the interests of workers. That has never been an issue for Conservatives. We support the need for worker safety, fair wages, etc. The TRUE reasons why unions exist are very much conservative values.

And you know that kid that was complaining that he didn't want to go to the ship? Well, that sort of happened to me only the other side of the coin. I WANTED to stay on my ship, but because I wasn't a part of the little club, the union had me tossed off, even though I would've joined the union in a heart beat, if asked. Instead, I was let go, left to fend for myself. In fact, Unions have cost me more work in my life than they have either helped me get or protected my job, which again they were MIA.

And that's the point I'm trying to make here. What Conservatives take true issue with is unions going outside of their Constitutionally protected purvue of collective union bargaining and becoming fund raising machines for personal political agendas that we don't agree with. When union dues are taken "at the point of gun" (rhetorical) from members who are conservative and given to left wing causes, with no choice but to leave the union (and usually lose their jobs), then the union has gone away from the original values it was meant to protect.

THIS is why conservatives have attacked unions over the last decade or so. Not because of their constitutional rights to fair collective bargaining but when they violate the same precedents in order to support their personal political causes at the expense of their membership.

Additionally, Tyrol was completely out of line in enlisting his military cohorts in that strike. Adama is right, that IS mutiny. It put the fleet in danger, the Galactica in danger, etc. Tyrol, should've been tried for it, but Adama was more interested in getting results and then addressing Tyrol's concerns with a little mercy. But if he wants to represent unions in the fleet, then he needs to resign and do that because this will become a conflict of interest in real life.

And if the military gets unionized in this series, it will lose a little respect in my mind. Unions have an important function in society, and that was shared very well in this episode. But that comment at the beginning, Ron? Come on, man. Look in the collective mirror.

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re: Bait and Switch is not a good long term business strategy

I have been coming to Jiffy Lube for my oil changes since I bought my first new car in 1996. I've been a long time, faithful customer who liked the affordable prices, the many locations, and professionalism of it's employees.

A few years ago, I noticed a change in Jiffy Lube. The customer didn't matter much as staff pushed upgrades, suggestive selling replacement air filters that didn't need replacing, removal of the frequent customer cards which used to be accepted anywhere but now you have to purchase them. And still I was faithful.

But today was the LAST STRAW. When, after 5 years of changing the oil in my current car, I suddenly find that I must pay an additional fee for a "specialty filter." A fee I NEVER had to pay before.

And since I was supposedly getting the "early bird special", I couldn't even get a AAA discount to help alleviate this sudden and unadvertised price increase. So, in short, Jiffy Lube used a BAIT AND SWITCH tactic to screw me over for an additional $8.50.

So today was my LAST visit to Jiffy Lube. They've lost a customer for good. And not only that, but I plan to file a complaint with the BBB, the federal trade commission, and the state. I will tell everyone I know. And in today's internet dominated world, that doesn't mean 5 or 6 like it used it. It means telling the WORLD.

I hope that's worth the extra 8.50 you extorted out of me, because it's going to be your LAST.



re: The other side of the 1st Amendment.

First off, I reckon kudos are in order for your peers recognizing you last night at the annual music industry pat on the back.

Absent that, I'm not sure how impressive winning the Grammy is, really. See, when Ms. Maine's declared upon receiving her golden idol of Bell's grammophone that:
"I think people are using their freedom of speech tonight with all of these awards,"
Apparently, Ms. Maines wasn't considering the 33% in album sales last year, or the 14 concerts which had to be cancelled during last year's tour, prompting reports that it was "in trouble", or that many radio stations flat out refuses to play your songs, or the former fans who would rather destroy your CDs than listen to them.

What this says to MemoTo is that the 1st Amendment is a two way street. Yes, you have the right to badmouth our President overseas. But the other side of the coin is America's freedom to associate.

So, in spite of the music industry's equivalent of "yes men," America still appears to be choosing not to.

Even when you pose nude to whine about it.

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