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Re: Celebrity Politics

Dear CopaBanana Nose

Word on the street is that you refuse to come back to The View because Elisabeth Hasselbeck is "dangerous and offensive." I'm curious what "views" you consider as dangerous and offensive. Is it dangerous and offensive that Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't buy into the "truther" nonsense that 9-11 was an inside job? Is it dangerous and offensive that she supports our troops? Is it dangerous and offensive that rather than walk the safe and secure path of going along to get along she stands up for what she believes and actually offers FACTS to support it?

See, Barry, there's something amiss about your McCarthyistic declaration ... you provide no EVIDENCE. Which makes me wonder ... would you go on if Rosie had stayed instead of EH? I'm betting you would.

But at least Elisabeth's episodes of The View and Survivor aren't being used as a punishment for a criminal act.

So to paraphase on of your most favorite tunes ... "give us a break today, will ya?"

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