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Memo To: Colin Powell


re: Resignation from the GOP accepted. Feel free to add a (D) to your name at any time.

Hearing your comments regarding Governor Palin and Rush Limbaugh I had to laugh at the typical nature of how you do business. Always embracing those outside our party, and thumbing your nose at the base. You feel that way? You want to grind an axe over how silly you looked after no WMD was found in Iraq (yet). Feel free.

But at least Sarah Palin had the balls to run for national office. What did you do? Oh yeah, cower and listen to the wife say you couldn't lead because she feared your safety. Hell, even President Elect Obama had the courage to run for change.

What did you do? Deny your place in history and make him the "transformational figure." You could've been that first African American president. Instead, you turned your back on a party which had tried to get you into the race for three election cycles now.

You don't like Rush? Fair enough. But I don't see you showing up every day and offering cogent analysis of how the government is run. I don't see you running a daily national talk show and showing up every day to offer pearls of wisdom on how to make this country better.

The bottom line,is you've become too used to playing from the sidelines. Being the Monday morning commander in chief. And since you've left the State department, you've consistently tossed in w/ the left. So go. Good riddance.

To paraphrase A Few Good Men: "We use words like tradition, values, low taxes and liberty. You use them as a criticism. I have no inclination to listen to a man who rises and sleeps under that freedom and then questions those who seek to serve it.I would rather you just said "thank you" and be on your way. Otherwise, I suggest that you get on the campaign trail or pick up a microphone.

Either way, I don't give a damn how you think the Republican party should act."

You left it a long time ago.

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