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re: Bait and Switch is not a good long term business strategy

I have been coming to Jiffy Lube for my oil changes since I bought my first new car in 1996. I've been a long time, faithful customer who liked the affordable prices, the many locations, and professionalism of it's employees.

A few years ago, I noticed a change in Jiffy Lube. The customer didn't matter much as staff pushed upgrades, suggestive selling replacement air filters that didn't need replacing, removal of the frequent customer cards which used to be accepted anywhere but now you have to purchase them. And still I was faithful.

But today was the LAST STRAW. When, after 5 years of changing the oil in my current car, I suddenly find that I must pay an additional fee for a "specialty filter." A fee I NEVER had to pay before.

And since I was supposedly getting the "early bird special", I couldn't even get a AAA discount to help alleviate this sudden and unadvertised price increase. So, in short, Jiffy Lube used a BAIT AND SWITCH tactic to screw me over for an additional $8.50.

So today was my LAST visit to Jiffy Lube. They've lost a customer for good. And not only that, but I plan to file a complaint with the BBB, the federal trade commission, and the state. I will tell everyone I know. And in today's internet dominated world, that doesn't mean 5 or 6 like it used it. It means telling the WORLD.

I hope that's worth the extra 8.50 you extorted out of me, because it's going to be your LAST.

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