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Memo to: Those Who jumped Ship

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re: Just so you know ...

When you voted to oust your Republican or Senator, you gave Speaker to be Nancy Pelosi your wallet and agreed with her that you aren't getting taxed enough.
Just so you know.

When you kicked the bumbs out you gave our enemies hope that more terrorism will cause us to run away in fear. Told our new Iraqi allies they're on their own, slug it out. And our Middle Eastern Allies we'll cut and run like we did in Vietnam.
Just so you know.

When you punted and gave the left back control of Congress, you forgot that the last time it happened, it took us 40 years to get it back.
Just so you know.

When you gave critics of the war on Terror the power of the purse, you agreed with John Murtha, Dick Durbin and Cindy Sheehan that American Soldiers are war criminals.
Just so you know.

When you voted Democrat last night, you told John Kerry you also think our soldiers are stupid.
Just so you know.

When you went into that voting booth and checked the name with the (D) next to his name, you said agreed that the constant drumbeat of criticism was far more important than the lives of our soldiers serving in Irfaq.
Just so you know.

When you "threw a fit" as Peter Jennings called it, and removed good conservatives like Santorum and Allen, you told another 40 million unborn babies that they would die, that judicial appointments that could save them were not as important as proving a point
Just so you know.

When you gave the Senate Manjority Leadership to Hillary Clinton, you agreed with what the definition of "is" is.
Just so you know.

When you gave control of the House to the Democrats, you told Alcy Hastings that it was okay to turn your back on the law and extort people for money and then run the House Intelligence Committee.
Just so you know.

When you put both Pat Lehey and Charles Rangel in charge of the judicial committees, you said that judges weren't really important to you. Never mind that you told President Bush it was when you reelected him. And as such, you forfeited a child being able to say the pledge of allegiance with "one nation under god," but told her she could get an abortion without telling her parents.
Just so you know.

When you made this great point, you took away the tools we use to fight the war on terror. No domestic surveillance. No agressive interrogation. No keeping of the worst of the worst at Gitmo. No letting various government agencies like the FBI and the CIA share information.
Just so you know.

When you took control of the Congress away from Conversatives and gave it to the liberals, you albeit guaranteed illegal immigration would not only continue, but increase. You gave your support to driver's licenses for illegals. In state tuitution for illegals. Free health care for illegals. Welfare for illegals. And you rendered citizenship pointless.
Just so you know.

When you decided to leave the party for one night and give Democrats the controll of Congress, you agreed with them on the Minimum Wage, Stem Cell Research, Gay Marriage, the War in Iraq, Higher Taxes, a weaker defense, no prayer in school, legalization of drugs,
Just so you know.

When you refused to vote for the name Foley and his last minute replacement, you told Republicans they would be held accountable while similar Democrat members of the House could get a pass and that's okay.
Just so you know.

When you decided that the GOP was more in need of a good shelakin', to learn a lesson, you abaondoned the principles you believe in.
Just so you know.

When you took the chairmanships away from the GOP and gave them to far left Democrats beholdin to the gang at Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground, you put the "I" word in play.
Just so you know.

And worse of all, when you gave away Congress and told Michael Moore he had a point.

Now of course, you don't really support the left's agenda and you don't really believe in their views on taxes, abortion, national security, or even illegal immigration. But last night, you cast your lot with them. You took a step across the isle and turned your back on the Reagan revolution.

And when you do that, what difference does it make what you really believe in? You sold out. In in the next two years, that will have consequences.
Just. So. You. Know.

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