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MEMO TO: LEON (Terell Owens)

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re: You snooze, we lose.

#81. I'm sure you've been watching too much ESPN and starting to feel jealous that Chad Johnson is getting all the love from the boys at Bristol when it comes to commercial time. Sure, "Ocho Cinco" gets a lot of attention these days, but he doesn't drop potentially game winning touchdown passes in the 4th quarter, either.

I mean, that little stunt you pulled in the end zone, pretending to go to sleep with a football as a pillow would've made Joe Horn proud, but it could've been disasterous had the Redskins been able to take advantage of the field position you handed them.

But then, the very next pass you get - a wide open touchdown pass that would've put the kabosh on the game - you drop it. You had six, and and all you needed to do was keep your eye more on the ball and less on where the TV cameras were in the end zone. Instead, the Skins get the ball back and tie the game.

Leon, you don't get to the Ring of Honor (or Camden for that matter) playing shut-eye with the football, you get there catching game winning passes. So, do us a favor, spend more time on the basics, and less time on the theatrics.

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