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re: Korny Night Football

Dear Bristol. Enough already.

Tony Kornheiser has got to be the dimmest bulb ever, and I mean EVER to populate the broadcast booth on Monday Night. Even Pat Summerall on his second fifth of bourbon is more compelling and informative than this sports hack.

Can you please send him back to Bristol University for some remedial Football 101 so he doesn't have to annoy us and Joe Theisman with 3 hours of stupid questions preceeded by the phrase "I don't know anything about football?!" I mean, he's like the chick who's acting like the third wheel and embarrassing her boyfriend in front of the guys!

I'm still trying to figure out why you would break up the greatest booth in NFL football and bring in someone who thinks he's Howard Cosell, when he's so clearly just another in a series of lackluster third parties which prompted Al Michaels and John Madden to say "we're fine, thanks."

Kornheiser thinks he's setting the stage with his pedantic sililoquy's, when in reality, he's just marking time until the next commercial break. You've got Boomer in the bullpen. He's there every week anyway, so for Lombardi's sake, make the call!

I should be watching my Cowboys battling the New York Football Giants right now. But instead, I have to log on and point out that while Bosephus is asking "Are you ready for some football," Tony Kornheiser so clearly isn't.

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