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re: Gas prices, it's all in the poll numbers

Dear Mr. President: I hope you've been noticing the downward trend and realizing the fact that it's a good thing for you. Not your poll numbers, but the price of gas. It's falling. And as such, something interesting is happening - your poll numbers are climbing.

That's the good news. And it's something that Memo To predicted way back when. But what gives us pause, is the notion that 42% believe that there's been some timely manipulation to bring prices down. That's silly. But perspective is sometimes everything.

I guess the short memory of the American people can't recall a little thing called Hurricane Katrina which took out a few hundred oil platforms and put a severe crimp the pipeline which is just now recovering. We were told that prices would be high for awhile.

But as things go, when prices go up, presidential numbers go down. And now that they are dropping, you have an opportunity. Talk to the American people. Be pro-active. Mr. President, when you do so, your numbers always, and I mean ALWAYS go up. When you stop the campaign, when you fail to explain things to the American people, and things go bad, your approval ratings slide.

For you, it's all about Communication. Take a page from the Master's playbook. Perhaps even start the fireside chat again. Do a podcast! Use this opportunity to advise us, communicate with us. Tell us what's always on your mind.

America will respond. And usually for the better.

With November right around the corner, it's not too late.


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