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re: I hate to say I told you so ...

Dear Jerry, So, was I right or was I right? After tonight, Leon will have missed 14 straight days at training camp (that's 28 straight two-a-day practices) and, at the end of tonight, two games preseason. He claims it's because of an ailing hamstring. But that hasn't stopped him from pretending he's Lance Armstrong for all the cameras, nor going out for touch football style passes in his skivvies.

Even when he was practicing, what I saw was half speed jaunts down the field and a few easy catches. At least with Keyshawn, you knew he cruised in practice, but he showed up to play. You could rely on #19. But #81? Nothing that would tell me anything different like, oh, I don't know, that he came to play or something.

And it seems that you' are finally waking up to the fact that Leon is all about the spotlight, and less about hard work and team. Will Leon start practicing at 75-80% like you suggested lately? I doubt it, Jerry. And it seems, with the Cowboys breaking camp and saying goodbye to Oxnard, that the only organization that has benefitted from Leon's "presence" in training camp are the Oxnard Police Department Explorer Scouts who charged a sawbuck to every car coming to get a look see.

So that means you're well on your way through the process that will culminate with Leon blaming everyone else but himself. And then, of course, will come the sequel to the last tell-all book.

I suggest you trade him for a few cases of Bud and get it over with.

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