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re: Damning DaVinci

Brothers and Sisters. I have but one message for you. STOP. Don't you realize that once again Hollywood is using you as its best marketing tool? They make a controversial movie about Jesus, the church, our faith just hoping, HOPING that you'll rise up in arms and protest it's release.

And why? Because psychologically, the target audience that they want to reach - I'll give you a hint, it ain't us - will become so curious over the hulabaloo that they'll pluck down a Hamilton for a ticket. Cha ching, cha ching.

Witness the proof. Last Temptation of Christ. Total dog of a film. The church had a fit over it. As such, it ended up almost making back it's money, instead of causing Universal to lose it's shirt. Thanks, Jesus freaks for the protesting!

How about Dogma? Kevin Smith's satirical, yet blasphemous look at the Catholic Church? $8 million opening weekend (the budget was $10 mill). Finished in the green with $30 Mill. I'm sure that one bought Kevin a new BMR. Why? Protests, of course.

Here were two terrible movies which, had they been ignored, would've died a quick and painful death at the box office. But now, The Davinci Code gets to cash in. And when this pleagurized FICTIONAL book, turned MOVIE rakes in the cash, it'll be because of stories like this or organized efforts like this which flock people to see it out of nothing but sheer curiosity.

Some argue this is a chance to witness to the world. To tell them the straight scoop. Well let me ask you this, do you think that someone who looks for God in a popcorn line is going to seriously come to know him before the end of reel 1?

Hollywood relies on our passion. It takes them straight to the bank. So, if you want to be a marketing tool, be my guest. As for me, I'll wait for Netflix.

For as Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, head of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales, told the Jonathan Dimbleby programme on ITV1 on Sunday:

"I think it's a harmless thriller. If people want to read it they can and people who read it should realise it is fiction."

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