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re: Being Flamboyant, vs. being professional

I watched your interview on NBC. I understand you think you're misunderstood. But let me set you straight on a few things (pardon the pun). I'm a Republican. And I couldn't care less how flamboyant you are, how different you are, what you think expectations are for you or if you are accepted for who you are.

And here's a newsflash for you. You aren't the first flamboyant male skater to arrive on Olympic Ice. There was this guy named Boitano who was flamboyant in character, but who kicked total ASS on the ice. And he came home with the hardware. He made no excuses, offered no political critiques on fans, and was well aware of the fact that he was representing his country in the Olympic games.

You see, Johnny, there's this guy named Plushenko who believes he has something to prove since he had to settle for second best in Salt Lake City. He's all business. And he's brought his "A" game to Torino. He doesn't care if people accept him. He's FOCUSED on one thing. Hardware.

Outspoken athletes aren't doing too well in Torino, as Bode Miller is well aware.

You may think that those "of Republican thinking" are obsessed with your flamboyance, but it simply isn't true. I guarantee you, Rush isn't going to be talking about you tomorrow. But if you bring home the hardware, US Olympic fans that happen to be Republicans will be damn proud. High fives will ensue.

Plushenko threw down the gauntlet last night and declared to the world he wants the Gold. The big question is, do YOU?

If so, you better shut up and bring your A game to the Long program. Because I guarantee you, that's what Plushenko is going to do.

ps - can't say I didn't warn you, Johnny. Yvgenny came to play. And you storming out after losing only shows you didn't.

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