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re: There may be hope for you yet ... I think ...

Congressman Pelosi. Word on the street is that you took some heat this week over the war in Iraq. Ironic, considering you've been against it publically from the get go.

Which confuses me. You speak out against the war - which emboldens our enemies and puts our soldiers lives in danger, and yet you have voted to fund the war everytime.

Don't get me wrong. I welcome a democrat of your stature saying things like:

"The money is for the troops, I'm not prepared to go against the troops' having the equipment they need."

But then you spin right around and say that freeing 25 million Iraqi's is a "grotesque mistake," and that we are less safe by our troops' sacrifice in Iraq, rather than Afghanistan. I'm sure that's a real morale booster for the troops in the Afghani Theater of Operations.

I understand the delicate situtation you're in. You want to retake Congress by appealing to moderate and centrist democrat voters who support our efforts on the war, but you don't want your base to riot as they did during your town hall meeting this week.

Mix messages are tricky like that.

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