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re: Running up the White Flag

Governor Arnold. When Californians elected you two years ago and removed Governor Davis, we had hoped for change in California. We were hoping someone would come into Sacramento to break the hold of special interests, reduce the massive spending, and *cut our rediculous deficit. We were convinced that your star power, coupled with the fiscal conservative values we believed you held and the mandate of the people, would propell you past the gridlock of a crazy assembly and say "no" to spending like a drunken sailor.

However, after one poorly managed battle against them - which you lost to a massive campaign of lies and union money - you run up the white flag and in your State of the State address last night, you surrender to that very same gaggle of irresponsible politicians. And not only that, YOU BECAME ONE OF THEM.

You haven't veto'd a single spending bill. Instead, you admitted to a mistake of being too much in a hurry and then proposed $228 BILLION IN SPENDING with another $8 BILLION in crush debt from bond issues.

We thought we spent a Terminator to Sacramento, but all we got was yet another "girlie man" politician.


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