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re: Stanley Tookie Williams

Regarding your upcoming Clemency decision. Stanley Tookie Williams may have written a few books. But anyone can do that. Stanley Tookie Williams may have been nominated for a Nobel prize. Anyone can do that. Stanley Tookie Williams may tell kids to stay away from gangs, particularly when he helped found one of the most violent gangs in L.A. history. Anyone can do that.

And not even mean it.

But has Tookie Williams ever taken responsibility for his crimes? Has he ever asked forgiveness from the victim's families? Has he ever admitted to those crimes? IF he did, that would at least make it a tough choice that no one could fault you for either way ....

Only Stanley Tookie Williams can do that.

But he hasn't.

Regardless what your comrades in Hollywood say, regardless of the disinformation and outright lies told to sway you, regardless that you met him years ago, what's really the issue when you boil it right down is that he's never, EVER taken responsibility for his actions.

And that should make your decision easier for you.

So before you make that decision, ask the point of view of his victims' and their families. I think what they have to say has more weight than Mike Farrell.


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