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re: Your lawsuit against Focus on the Family and Dr. James Dobson

You may have missed it, so allow me to point you to the official Focus on the Family position on electioneering:

"We aren't going to actively endorse or oppose candidates," he said, "and we're actually going to take certain steps to make sure that nothing crosses the line into electioneering. That's not what we are about. But under the law we can talk clearly about where certain candidates stand, so we'll be praising certain candidates and criticizing other candidates for their positions, as well as encouraging people to speak up to those candidates.

Dr. Dobson, as a private citizen, has endorsed candidates, sure. So have I. That's the beauty of the Bill of Rights. And last time I checked, a private citizen can endorse anyone they want for political office.

Take your antiChristian jihad somewhere else, please.

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