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re: Whatever happened to "Thank Heaven for Little Girls?"

Girlfriend. We have to talk. I learned of your talent as an actress and recording icon from my son, who has grown up on Lizzie and Hilly CDs since he was 2. You were very cute in the Disney Channel sitcom, capturing that awkward Tween angst as you grew up. Your movie wasn't half bad either, considering it was just a two hour movie of the week with a big Disney budget.

But you really hit your stride with your first album. And how many teens can brag about going double platinum right out the gate? Clearly, your parents have much to be proud of.

But Hilly, I'm concerned. Since then, I've noticed that your music handlers have "sexed you up" rather gradually to take you from the girl next door, to the object of many a teen boy's desires. But to be honest, they seem to be taking you more down the slutty road of Christina Aguilierra. And that ain't good. You've got the sound, girl. You do. And that's what's selling CDs and downloads, not your heavy "drugged out" eye liner look (see above).

At least, I hope it's a look. Cause I've seen your new punk rock boyfriend. Seems that being eight years older that he's robbing the cradle to me. And coupling that with your new look, and I worry that my son's crush is misplaced upon someone who's indulging in chemicals she ought not be involved in. It's obvious , Hilly. Just look at the Cheaper By the Dozen 2 trailer. Seriously, the last thing you want is to end up on VH-1s Behind the Music double feature with Lindsay Lohan telling your tale of how drugs ruined your career and your life. Sadly, it's a music industry formula we're all too familar with. Music. Money. Fame. Sex. Drugs. Denial. Crash. Rehab. Or worse.

There's also another thing that's jeopardizing your momentum. Your're choice of music is becoming rather competitive. Granted, you've got that Joan Jet vibe going to court the hang bangers, and still keep the tweenie boppers who grew up with you. But I have to ask this out of tough love. Does EVERY song need to be about you? Seriously, I know you're in your late teens now, but it's time for you to look beyond boys and hangin' with the girls. It's time for you to get some meat on those CDs.

And if you put "Why Not" on one more album, girlfriend, it's gonna so yesterday.

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