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re: You gotta ask, at your age, is it worth it.

You feel that uncomfortable feeling? It's the feeling that someone is watching you. Someone knows where you are. Someone is ratting you out. And your time on this planet is very short.

You see, Ayman, you're a bad man. And what goes around comes around. I think you just learned that when several of your close associates, including your cousin, have assumed a fractured room temperature and are learning if those virgins are really waiting for them.

I suspect they're in for a hell of a shock.

So enjoy your 90 minutes of restless turning before you're rousted out and moved to another location. Because Uncle Sam is coming.

And the eagle will fly and there's going to be hell, when you hear mother Freedom start ringing her bell, and you feel like the whole wide world is reigning down on you ... brought to you courtesy, of the red, white, and blue.
- Toby Keith

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