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re: Fishy answers

Dear Mr. President,

Today, I had a true head scratching moment as I read your response to the question "what was your greatest moment as president."

You had your choice of liberating 25 million people in Afghanistan, ending the reign of Saddaam Hussein, 2 tax cuts, getting reelected by more votes than your predescessor ... and you choose catching 7.5lb large-mouth bass?

Seriously, Mr. President. I have participated in an online forum defending the war, defending your policies, defending your Presidency. I, and other rank and file faithful like me, have taken a lot of heat from your enemies when we debate them.

That's not the kind of response the boots on the ground in Fallujah and Baghdad want to hear, Mr. President. They're laying their lives on the line and you think of bass?

You may have thought it sounded like a funny response, a joke. But when you respond like that, you make those of us who fight to defend your presidency feel pretty darn stupid that we do.

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