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re: Come Home.

Dear Senator. I'm sure the last few weeks have been incredibly telling to you. I'm sure the coming weeks heading to the primary will be even more telling.

As one liberal democrat after another not only turns their back on you but actively contributes and campaigns for your defeat in the upcoming primary, I am mystified why that (D) is still a part of your title.

I hear Hillary is hedging her bets, as are Schumer and Reid. Your buddy Russ Feingold has showed his appreciation for your support on McCain-Feingold by stabbing you in the back on National TV. In fact, only 3 of your fellow Democratic Senators have offered post primary support for you should you decide to run as an independent. And 25 of your colleages simply refuse to say.

And now, word on the street is that even your former running mate turned mini-Moore, AlGore, has turned his back on you.

Now, let's take a look at your REAL friends. The President will surely support you if you go independent. Republicans all over the country stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the war in Iraq and the overall Global War on Terror. I'm sure many are contributing to your campaign. Sean Hannity not only has you on his shows regularly, he's offered to actively campaign for your election.

What Democrat still welcomes you unconditionally with open arms, Holy Joe? Come home to your real friends. Those who will help you get reelected. Those who give you respect. Those who will listen to your ideas and share many of your values.

Come to the Republican Party, Holy Joe. We have more in common with you anyway, don't we?


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