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Re: Well played.

I noticed no complaints of about disenfranchisement today. Guess voters are only denied their rights when democrats win. Who cares that Ed Rendell had automatic voting in Pennsylvania (which was like Swanny looking up at the scoreboard before the Super Bowl and seeing the Cowboys up by 21), or that some Republican districts only had ballots enough for 10% of their registered voters, or that Republican Candidates offices were padlocked. The Democrats won!

And according to "Speaker" Pelosi, they are "ready to govern in a bipartisan way." Yeah, too bad they weren't ready during the last two years. For if they had been ready to govern instead of ready to campaign, there may have been more done inside the Beltway. Then again, that would've helped the Republicans, now wouldn't it?

But I'm not bitter. Time to look forward, learn the lessons, and get back to our roots. Just like in 1976. So my question is, who's the new Reagan waiting in the wings?

Romney anyone?

But one must remember, the opposite of progress is CONgress.


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