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re: Comfort Zones

Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Good - hiring Jason Garrett as "maybe" the Cowboys Offensive Coordinator, maybe "more." A former quarterback. Vote of confidence for Tony "The Guy" Romo. One of the tried and true from the Glory Days. Never should have let him go.

The bad. Interviewing Norv Turner for Head Coach. Now, granted, Norv has the same three Super Bowl rings as Garrett does, having served as the offensive coordinator for Troy Aikman. Aikman wouldn't be in Canton without him. I understand that. I also get that's the reason why Troy was upset when Norv didn't get the nod and Chan Gailey did in 1994. That all makes sense.

What doesn't make sense is giving this genius of an O.C., another shot at a losing season in Dallas. Let's look at his head coaching record: 1994-2000 - Washington Redskins (don't get me started there) - 49-59-1. Made the the playoffs only once and lost in the second round. Didn't get another shot at the head coach job until 2004 with the Oakland Raiders. He was fired by the Steinbrenner of the NFL after only 2 years and a miserable 9-23 record. And only ONE win in his division. ONE! With a division like the NFC East, where we're traditionally always having to lay it on the line against the Eagles, Giants and Redskins, you don't want a head coach who's only learned to lose.

Now sure, as the 49ers O.C. (again, don't get me started) he's started to turn things around in the Bay area. That's where his true genius is. That's what he was born to do - turn offenses around. He did it in Dallas, he did it in Tampa and San Diego, and he's done it in San Francisco.

But seriously, Jerry, Norv Turner's talent is running only one side of the ball. You want to put him back in the offensive coordinator's booth where his strengths lie, to turn #9 into another #8, and hope that Jason Garrett can do in Dallas what Sean Payton has done in the Big Easy, then by all means.

You want Romo to learn how to win, Jerry. To make it second nature to him, like Brady in New England. But Norv Turner doesn't know how to do that as a head coach. And he will only serve to undo all that Tuna accomplished in the Parcels era - making the Cowboys what the Raiders became under Norv Turner's tenure - a third tier team when they should be a top contender.

Personally, I'm still hoping you talk to #30.

He's certainly talking to you.


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