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Well, although the Cowboys played a much better game, it ended much as many of the Cowboys' games have ended this past 30 days. But shooting ourselves in the foot. Terry Glenn fumbling on the 1 yard line to give the Seahawks' a safety, blown coverage all day which allowed for a deep ball and a go ahead touchdown for the Seahawks, Leon dropping a few passes - that ain't no suprise, and Tony Romo flubbing the hold on a go ahead field goal with a hair over 1 minute to play in a very "North Dallas Forty"-like moment. And with that, Dallas' season is over. One and done.

But in many respects, even though this team finally got back to playing calibre football, their season really ended with the blowout against New Orleans at home a month ago. That's when the heart was taken out of them.

Do we have alot to feel good about? You bet. For even though Tony Romo lost the game for us tonight, we have finally found "the Guy." He's our quarterback. And what he'll take with him into the next season is EXPERIENCE. Riding the mountaintop experience of playing well enough to be chosen for the Pro Bowl his first season as as a starter, and being humbled with mistakes that caused the Cowboys to lose a wild card game when they could've ... should've been the #2 seed in the playoffs. And he's also got playoff experience now. So next year, he'll remember. And that kind of lesson is important when you have a much better change to go deeper in the playoffs than we probably did this year.

So, now what? What do we do looking for the '07 season? Well, first off, Leon gets his handed his hat. Leading the league with 15 dropped passes in the regular season (that's $1 million a drop, Jerry), most in clutch situations. That certainly doesn't get you into Canton, #81, nor does it get Big D a Sixth Lombardi trophy.

We draft safeties and cornerbacks to shore up that badly needed area of our defense. We have a come to Jesus moment about having DeMarcus Ware play cover when he should be rushing the passer, and we decide whether Martin Grammatica can give us much needed stability in the kicking game. I'm betting he can.
And we convince Tuna for one more year in the sun.

On the whole, we have alot to be proud of and alot to hang our head in shame. But we have nobody to blame but ourselves. And the good news is, we can fix that.

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